Why is Nursing Studies So Popular?

Nursing has always been one of the most critical roles in society. Even today, more and more people are keen to help others back to full health. Following two years of a global health crisis, it’s unsurprising that so many are willing to take on studies to learn how to do their part.

It’s a key reason why thousands enroll in courses such as an accelerated nursing program online year after year. It’s never been easier to get into healthcare, and while the pandemic has provided a variety of challenges, nursing is a career you can always be proud of.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons for the boom in nursing studies enrollment over the past couple of years.

Nursing is immensely rewarding

The first and perhaps most obvious reason people choose nursing as a career path is because of how rewarding the job can be.

While many consider doctors to be the biggest heroes in healthcare, nursing is just as important. Depending on the scenario, nurses can be even more necessary. Nurses administer injections, guide patients through complex treatment courses, follow their progress, and are on call to perform tasks that not even trained doctors can support. For example, many nurses are more specialized in anesthesia than doctors and surgeons, which is why they are usually called to administer.

Some might also consider nurses to have closer relationships with patients. Nurses spend a lot more time with patients than other staff, which can often lead to a caring and meaningful connection. They will follow them from the beginning of their treatment to the end and get to see how much their hard work pays off.

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever before, the general public has seen and appreciated just how hard nurses work. While no nurse would claim to do the job for the praise, it can be one of the most consistently rewarding jobs in the world. This is especially true when you see someone you have cared for get back on their feet and carry on with their life.

It’s a secure career

Another big appeal to nursing is job security. Nurses are needed everywhere and continue to be in high demand across the globe. The pandemic opened up many people’s eyes to just how important nurses are and showed that investing in their skills is a must.

Nursing can be highly exciting as well as secure. Not only are you sure to always find a job, but you may also have the opportunity to travel with it, potentially helping people around the world.

Nurses are key workers and the need for them is unlikely to diminish, even with the rise of AI and automation. While studying to become a nurse is definitely a commitment, it’s an investment that pays off over time.

It’s a highly varied job

As any nurse will tell you, no two days on the job are the same. While some people enjoy the familiar routine of a nine to five office job, for others, that kind of regularity can be stifling.

As a nurse, your timetable will change every day. You will have different working hours, patients, and challenges on each shift and may be on call at any time.

It’s a job that requires adaptability, quick thinking and the ability to work well in a team.

It’s also worth mentioning that your team will become like family. You will all have the same goal of helping your patients and spend countless hours together working on saving lives. That kind of unifying and empowering dynamic can’t be found in many other jobs.

You’ll gain knowledge that will serve you forever

Industries change all the time. Tech is constantly growing, and in some areas, what you spend years learning, must be unlearnt just as fast.

While medicine is also constantly improving, the human body has not changed too much in the past few centuries! We still heal from the same things, while treatment, medicine, and care have evolved.

Learning to be a nurse means gaining transferable skills that will serve you for a lifetime. A fully-trained nurse will be everyone’s favorite person in an emergency and always one of the most capable people in the room.

Over the years, as nurses gain experience, their knowledge may not drastically change as it might in certain other industries. Nurses build confidence and hone their skills based on the latest breakthrough and never become obsolete

Courses are more accessible than ever before

While studying and succeeding in nursing takes considerable time and effort, courses have never been more widely available than they are today. It’s now entirely possible to study nursing disciplines remotely via online courses and video seminars.

What’s more, nursing courses are becoming more comprehensive in the way they approach the complex world of medicine. Modules are frequently updated to reflect new and emerging technology and treatments. Nurses-in-training also have access to an incredible network of support and mentoring that may not have been so easy to access decades prior.

Online nursing courses are also incredibly convenient. While studying and practicing in person certainly holds benefits, online learning has broken down significant barriers that would have previously stopped budding carers from getting to where they need to go.

There’s always likely to be a nursing course or module set to appeal to the varied niches medical students can get into, too. Now is arguably the most exciting time to get into nursing and medicine, despite global challenges.


Nursing is, without doubt, one of the most challenging jobs in the world, but with that hardship comes a rewarding position. You will see people heal, grow, and better themselves, all while being a key part of their journey.

It’s easy to see why interest in nursing is still growing and online courses are making opportunities all the more accessible.