How to Take Personal Health Into Your Hands

The year 2020, more than any other which has gone before, has shown us just how important it is that we all take efforts to care for our own personal health. This is something which takes many forms, it is not just about those who are over or under weight, it is not just about those who display bad habits. It is in fact on all of us to take more caution around what we are doing and how we are living in order to make sure that our personal health is as good as it can possibly be.

It is easy to find excuses around why we are not able to improve our health, the reality however is that it is very much in our hands.

Simple Exercise

If you have some serious plans to bulk up, slim down or hone certain areas of your body then by all means get to work and put that plan into action. for the rest of us however it is essential that we look at raising our heart rate for at least 30 minutes per day. This is all that is required for you to maintain a healthy weight and to remain flexible and strong. This could involve jogging, it could be cycling or any other exercise which is going to help you to raise your heart rate.

Five and Two

It is essential that we take care of ourselves through a sensible diet and one of the best ways in which we can do that is to follow a 5 and 2 system. The basis of this lifestyle choice is that for 5 days a week you will eat less than 1000 calories, and then for the remaining 2 days you can eat whatever you like. This is great from a mental and physical standpoint as you will be consuming enough calories throughout the week to maintain a healthy weight, and the two remaining days will enable you to relax and enjoy eating.

Mental Wellbeing

Personal health is about much more than simply eating the right things and leaving the junk food alone, it is also about understanding how to gauge your own mental wellbeing. Stress and anxiety are two potential issues which you could have that will significantly diminish your personal health. Always ensure that this is uppermost in your mind, the thoughts which determine how you are feeling, and what you can do to relax more, to organize your thoughts better and to improve you ability to focus and to deal with things in a calmer and more comfortable manner.  

Permanent Change

 What you should be looking for here is a permanent change, this is not about a short term effort to look after yourself. This is why it is essential that you focus on long term habits over short term fixes. The issue which most have is that they make a big effort for a short amount of time, before returning to what they were doing before, this makes little sense. If you want to improve your personal health then this has to be an all encompassing lifestyle change for good.

 In reality, looking after your personal health is something which is far from difficult, it just requires your willingness to change.