Level up your diet game with DETS BIKE Pro

We can all agree that first thought comes into our mind when we think of diet is hard and stressful. We need to constantly watch out what we eat along with some intense exercises.

The irony is that the more fatigue from the exercise you get, the better you’ll have a chance of achieving an effective diet. This process itself becomes very stressful considering you have to force yourself to eliminate the joy of eating whatever it makes you happy. Some people even take therapies after a stressful diet. So, how do we effectively achieve a stress-free diet?

First step is to eliminate a goal. Common mistake we make when we plan on a diet is that we tend to set a numerical goal of weights and body fats. But this could mentally backfire and generate an unnecessary stress. Instead, try to focus on the journey of building a healthy habit or a routine.

It’s crucial to find your own rhythm and discover what fits best to you. Because diet is not about just following what other people do but rather discovering your own body and construct a personal routine such as what you eat and what you are most interested in.

Gaming indoor bicycle, DETS BIKE Pro can relieve your stress!

If you’re asking yourself, “What kind of exercise can I have the most fund with?”, <DETS BIKE Pro> is the answer.

DETS FITNESS, the creator of this innovative gaming indoor bicycle, have made everything possible by implementing a game console like controller to the device.

Use of this amazing gaming indoor bicycle is diverse. You may use it as a regular indoor bicycle, or you could connect your tablet pc or a smartphone to the controller when you’re looking for some fun. <Pudding rush>, available in App stores, is compatible with Bluetooth connection. There are 28 different stages which means there are plenty of exercise sessions required to clear all stages. On top of that, the software is said to be updated regularly and will keep users engaged all the time.

Also, users are able to experience the metaverse world inside the game and meet up with other users to connect and play games while building teamwork.

What’s amazing about this indoor bicycle is that while you’re discovering the various in-game materials, your lower body is constantly exercising and burning calories

Self-developed controller & real-time workout monitoring!

<DETS BIRK Pro> is equipped with a self-developed game console like controller with a built-in sensor.

Your heart rate is automatically detected and recorded while holding the handles with a built-in sensor. Also, you can check your current heart rate by looking at the bottom right corner of the game interface.

In addition to that, the app is capable of recording the power according to the intensity of pedaling exercise. In the profile section, you’ll be able to track all the workout history such as your heart rate and exercise intensity.

Wouldn’t dieting be fun if you have an indoor bicycle that can help you motivated while managing your health at the same time?

If you want to learn more about this project, check out DETS BIKE Pro on Kickstarter.