A patient of more than 30 years describes their medical journey.

Last year, Michigan gynecologist, oncologist and surgeon Dr. Vinay Malviya retired after more than 40 years in medical practice, during which he often took on the most complex and urgent of cases in his practice area.  

Upon this retirement, several long letters were among the outpourings of gratitude and well wishes from patients and their families. These captured some remarkable patient journeys of decades that shed light on what patients look for in a doctor and some of the factors that make for a good doctor-patient relationship and successful outcomes.

As one patient of Dr. Vinay Malviya wrote:

“I’m writing this letter in support of Dr. Vinay Malviya and with my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the excellent medical care he has provided me over the past 31 years as my gynecological oncologist.

As a cancer survivor who carries the BRACA 1 gene, I have had threetypes of cancer, breast, ovarian and colon, and five major cancer operations related to my inherited gene mutation.

Dr. Malviya has been my surgeon, overseeing my ovarian cancer surgery and recovery. Additionally, he has helped with referrals and coordinated care with other physicians to ensure I was getting the most comprehensive oncology intervention possible when other medical specialists were needed.

Dr. Malviya’s medical knowledge, surgical expertise and collaborative approach with my other doctors and I have helped make my cancer journey a success story.

As a patient who has seen many doctors and interacted with various medical establishments for over three decades, Dr. Malviya has always been at the top of my list for providing excellent care with kindness and compassion.

I have especially appreciated his interest in knowing me and understanding my needs as his patient. Although my ethnic background differs from his, he showed knowledge of my inherited trait, the risk my condition poses for carriers of the gene and possible implications for my family members.

During the course of our doctor /patient relationship, we have both moved and relocated. Even though it became less convenient because of the distance to use him as my doctor, I have continued to travel to be his patient.

My absolute trust in being in his care has also been why I referred several friends to him when they also needed his medical specialty. Fortunately, all have survived their cancer and, like me, feel Dr. Malviya was instrumental in their progress and are grateful to have been under his care.

My visits to Dr. Malviya’s office over the years were always a positive experience. The continuity of his long-time staff, who were friendly and knew me, made me feel at ease and valued as a patient.

Sitting in the waiting room, I would notice a wide range of other patients of different backgrounds. In conversation with others, while waiting to be seen, I would learn they were also willing to travel to be in his care.

I feel fortunate to be included in Dr. Malviya’s practice and believe my survivorship of aggressive ovarian cancer has been largely due to my experience with him as my doctor.”

In a modern era with so many stresses on our healthcare delivery system, we would do well to reflect on some of the factors revealed in this letter that encourage greater patient trust and confidence in the medical profession.

To learn more about Dr. Vinay Malviya and his remarkable 40-year career in medicine, please visit his websites: www.drmalviya.com and www.vinaymalviya.com.