Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Net Worth

bodybuilder jay cutler net worht

Jason Isaac Cutler, AKA Jay Cutler, is renowned for being one of the most famous and most accomplished bodybuilders in the world. Cutler is a professional American IFBB bodybuilder and a 4-time Mr. Olympia champion. In addition to his bodybuilding prowess, he is also revered as a highly-skilled fitness model and social media personality. Aside from his favorite things, his hobbies, and his personal life, one of the most asked questions about the celebrity is, “what is the net worth of Jay Cutler?”. 

This article examines Jay Cutler bodybuilder net worth, rise to fame and fortune and, accomplishments.


Jason Cutler became the third bodybuilder to win the Mr. Olympia contest in the history of the competition after he triumphed over the reigning champion at the time, Dexter Jackson in 2009. 

After his first victory, he went on to win the competition three more times, defeating prominent icons like Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath in the process. This is an impressive feat in the modern age because of the alterations that have been made to the competition e.g. the use of steroids and other supplements. Furthermore, he also participated and won the “Arnold Classic bodybuilding” competition. 

Jay Cutler Net worth

Jay Cutler is among the top 10 richest bodybuilders in the world where he ranks as the third richest. Although he is renowned for his bodybuilding prowess, Jay Cutler net worth is not a direct representation of his winnings alone. 

Cutler was able to make himself richer and more valuable by taking advantage of the business opportunities that came his way. A move that saw him overtake more accomplished bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman on the richest bodybuilders list. He raised his popularity and made himself a highly sought after-brand through his unique magazines and DVDs, supplements, and social media presence. 

That said, the income from his winnings, nutritional supplements, and social media activities have raised Jay Cutler net worth to $30 million. 

When you look at the man’s net worth, it might be easy to presume that it came quickly and explosively. However, Jay Cutler bodybuilder net worth, is a result of years of hard work and dedication. 

While he was a secondary school student in Indiana, he starred as the quarterback of his school’s football team and led his school to three years of victories with 19 handles. After his secondary school success, he went on to play varsity football at Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee where he broke a set of records in the school including the number of games played. He was also the rookie with the most scores and surging yards the school had ever seen. He graduated with a degree in Human and Organizational Development. 

He went on to have a successful career in professional football. He played for Denver Broncos and his childhood team, Chicago Bears. During his time with the Bears, he earned a total of $54 million.

Jay Cutler started body training when he turned 18. In his early days, he went on to win his first competition, Iron Bodies Invitational Teenage and Men’s Middleweight Championship Title in 1993. After this premier win, he trained harder for greater contests and went on to win a couple of them. 

However, after suffering several injuries, he bowed out of the competitions. Jay Cutler now focuses on his business as a social media personality and a procurer of bodybuilding nutritional supplements.