Why more young nurses are choosing online studies

Technology has changed all aspects of our lives and this includes how we study. No longer does learning require students to travel to sit in a classroom or lecture hall at a prearranged time. Instead, thanks to the internet, they can study in their own home at a time convenient to them, with an array of courses easily accessible. Among the courses available are nursing courses with options suitable for all stages of a nursing career, and increasing numbers of young and new nurses are choosing this as a way to get started in the profession.

High-quality courses

Once, it might have seemed that anything other than an in-person nursing degree would be an inferior form of study. However, technological advances now mean that it is possible to deliver an online course that is every bit as thorough as in-person learning. Online course providers have risen to meet that challenge, making sure that they deliver high-quality teaching from dedicated professionals, alongside support and mentoring to enable their students to reach their potential. This makes online courses an attractive option for those wanting to start their nursing training.


Not everyone lives near a university or can conveniently move to one and, in the past, this has meant that many potential nurses have been put off studying – something that’s often true for those living in rural areas. Gaining the chance to learn online has opened up the opportunity of a nursing career to anyone, no matter where they live. It can also be convenient to be able to study at a time of your own choosing, making it particularly suitable for those with family commitments.

A career change

Many new nurses are coming from other career paths and may well have already achieved a Bachelor’s degree in another subject. If they have already attended university once, it may well not be easily affordable to do this for a second time when they want to move into nursing. An online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) is a convenient and more affordable way to make the change to a nursing career.

Clinical placements

Of course, nursing can never be a purely online course as the need for practical experience requires the student nurse to take up clinical placements. Many potential students worry about this, as they wonder if they will need to travel for this part of the course or if they will have to spend time sourcing placements convenient to them. However, this is not necessarily the case, with many online course providers keen to remove this burden. A good example of this can be seen at Wilkes University – its online ABSN programs feature clinical placement services at no additional cost to secure clinical placements close to home, leaving students with more time to focus on their studies.

In-person vs online

Deciding whether to undertake nursing studies online or in-person is a personal choice, with both having advantages. However, the increasing numbers of young nurses choosing online studies can feel confident that they will undertake rigorous, high-quality training that will amply prepare them for their new career.