PUM: Portable Ultrasound Massager for Your Pain

Why is portable massage machine taking bigger pie of the market day by day?

FHP (Forward Head Posture), the most common symptom which modern people suffer is prevailing faster than ever. According to an academic paper from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) written by Mahmoud NF, Hassan KA, Abdelmajeed SF, Moustafa IM, Silva AG, 86.8 percent of peㄹople stated that they are suffering from the neck pain. Since people in nowadays spend most of their time in front of the monitor, and repetitively using electronic devices with bad posture, almost every people are suffering from FHP without noticing. Considering the fact that our heads normally weigh 10 pounds each, it is obvious for FHP to cause dysfunction of the musculoskeletal, neural and vascular systems. In order to get rid of the neck pain caused by FHP, you need to seek treatment from chiropractors or physical therapist, which is not an easy decision for consumers who have to pay at least $65 for each visit and this is why portable massage machines are becoming a new trend in the market. However, they often don’t work as much as expectations. Most of them are quite heavy to carry and inconvenient to use since the users need to hold them while in use. To resolve these inconveniences, PUM was invented.

PUM, utilize both EMS and 1MHz ultrasound to recover your muscles.

With its exceptional features, PUM provides 1 MHz ultrasound massage. Muscle, ligaments, and other deep tissue are stimulated by 1 MHz ultrasound, which causes millions of vibrations each second. The deep tissue then radiates heat to help cure and relax the muscles. The body’s metabolism rises when tissue is exposed to vibration, accelerating the recovery of inflammation and injury. Additionally, since ultrasound doesn’t vibrate or produce any noise, you may use it to enjoy a massage while at work or in a public place like a library without disturbing others around you. PUM also utilizes EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to send mild electrical pulses to the muscles to recover injured muscles or reduce the neck pain

Enjoy the massage any when, anywhere. 

If you have tried massage guns before, you’d know that they are heavy and uncomfortable since you must hold it while you use it. PUM is wireless and hands-free gadget which you can just place it on your neck, knee, or elbow to enjoy the massage. PUM is light and small to store in its pouch. With its great portability, use PUM freely any when, anywhere. When you are at work, in the car, cooking, watching TV, studying – save your time for a massage. It is also easy to use, simply press the buttons to power ultrasound and EMS up. You can choose the level of stimulation you desire for your muscles using EMS’s three output levels with same buttons. It can be charged with USB-C cable, providing extra convenience to the users.

PUM is now available on Indiegogo.

Personal massager PUM is now launched on Indiegogo. While the campaign, you can pledge the product with discounted price for limited period, only available on Indiegogo. Save your time and money. Give your body a nice recovery with PUM!