Personal Health Includes Mental Health As Well

If we take a look at the younger generation it is very clear that they have a much better attitude towards physical health than most which have gone before. This in the main is down to fashion and vanity more than looking to live long and prosperous lives, but that isn’t necessarily relevant. What is relevant here is that the moving trend of focus on personal health has been a good thing for us all, yet it is important that we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this is just about physical health.

The reality is that mental health is just as important as physical health, and here is why we have to cater for both at the same time.

Impact on Our Life

Much like physical health, being out of shape mentally is something which is going to have big impact on your life. When you are not in the best frame of mind or when your stress levels are through the roof, you are not able to think as clearly as you should be able to, nor are you able to operate as well as you should be able to. In the short term this is a key reason for looking after your mental wellbeing just as you would your physical health.

Simple Solutions

We have made huge strides in recent years with regards to how society views the issue of mental health and mental wellbeing, and there is a difference between the two. It is perfectly acceptable in the modern world to not be doing alright, and it has become more comfortable for so many to discuss with their friends and their family. The point here is that the solution to those struggling with their mental wellbeing, is often very simple and certainly within reach.

Dangers of Not Addressing Mental Wellbeing

In the case of those with mental health diseases, they have to be looked after professionally, for those with mental wellbeing problems however, those people have to seek out other solutions. And so this is why it is important that if we are addressing the topic of personal health, that mental health and wellbeing should certainly fall under that category. Those who do not address their mental wellbeing do run the risk of creating bigger problems later on in life. For example we only need to look at the great damage which stress can do to the brain in order to see why it is so important that we address our mental wellbeing. Stress is called the silent killer based on the damage which the overproduction of cortisol can have on the brain.

 Finally we have to discuss the correlation between physical health and mental wellbeing because they are inextricably linked. Those who are not in a great place mentally find it far more difficult to make an efforts with regards to physical health. With this being said, those who do actively engage in physical exercise are usually those who boast stronger and better mental wellbeing. For this reason, we simply can’t discuss personal health without also talking about physical and mental health.